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YOSHIHIRO – Chinese Cleaver Chef Knife 8.5" (220mm)- MADE IN JAPAN

YOSHIHIRO - Chinese Cleaver Chef Knife 8.5" (220mm)- MADE IN JAPAN

Virgin High Carbon Steel knives are made of carbon steel with very few impurities. This results in knives with HRC 61, sharp edge and great edge retention. Handles are made of Shitan with high carbon steel bolster. Tsubaki oil is recommended to maintain this knife. Whetstone is recommended for sharpening. Not Stain Resistant* About YOSHIHIRO- "YOSHIHIRO" has been designated as a one of the Best Sword Craftsman in Japan since 1550. Over 500 years of their sword making history and technique achieves one of "Best Sushi Chef Knife Maker" in Japan.† ***We Ship Around the World**** History- Since 1550, Yoshihiro, Masamune, and Yoshimitsu were known as the best sword craftsmen in Japan. After his death, Yoshihiro’s apprentices continued to use his technique and traditional skills. The techniques used to make samurai swords are used to make Yoshihiro chef knives. Yoshihiro knives are now recognized to be one of the best chef knives in Japan due to the rich history and techniques that are applied from sword making to chef knives.